This Window: Close It

The amount of concern trolling on Tumber is kinda staggering. I’m mad NerdEpic had to endure that hate mail.

Concern trolling really is one of the more toxic things you can do to an artist.

Anonymous said: third eyes in the center of foreheads are super important and sacred in hinduism and a white guy with one is really fucking racist


ok!! i’ll bear that in mind for the future!!

The multiplicity of eyes is not unique to any religion. Examples of it exist in MANY religious iconography throughout history. If I evoke any specter of appropriation of Hinduism for real, let me know. I actually did a bit of research before running this down.

But the idea that Hinduism has a monopoly on that iconography and ideas is actually ignoring a whole bunch of regional history that’s out of scope here. Suffice to say a lot of people would argue with this. Buddhism uses a metaphorical third eye as a means of describing the removal of impurity, and Egyptian mythology has multiple depictions of such things. And that of course ignores its modern significance as a religious icon to many people of other more modern religions.

In short: this anonymous ask is concern trolling at best and religion baiting at worst.

Some people might argue that the fact I’ve stated that KirinDave actually has 7 eyes that gradually will open over time as his plot progresses might be taken as a subtle reference to Christian iconography, referenced numerous times in the bible. As someone raised in a very conservative christian background you can be absolutely certain this is what I am appropriating and referencing.

And I do so without apology to anyone. What good is having Christianity inculcated into the core of western society if we can’t at least lift some of the cool visuals from what no one can deny is a very… evocative book of stories.

It’s also worth noting that while I am a white dude sitting on my throne of cash and privilege in one of the richest cities of the world over here, I keep pointing out KirinDave-the-character is NOT human. That is not shade over his face, it should be clear now. It’s where the flesh has been eroded away and something strange and dark exists underneath.

Hey we really wanna thank you for the lovely gift for Vesper. It’s not everyday we get a gift from London. But I think you might have left a baby onesie in this amazing Sainsbury bag. Don’t worry, we returned it. Vesper loves the bag!
— An email to my cousin thanking her for a lovely gift.


New tactic for never getting up, when someone tells you to get up just say “but KirinDave replied to my Tumblr post. Hes famous.” not knowing who Dave is they will soon worship you and you will never have to get up again. The End

I am by no means even a little famous.


Oh yeah
Is KirinDave going to go through how he changed/got his new powers on his yt show
Or is he just gonna start a new episode like “Hey guys. As you can see, I look a bit different, what with this third eye and the horns, but shh just go with it.”

A bit of both. It’s encoding right now.


you know what, Hes like bloody mary, 

type into your text post three times,




wait, spin arround do some goat calls or something, and he just shows up. The spoopy sheep man.

Now you’re just farming replies!


I honestly think that KirinDave enjoys the random posts we make about him. Like the ghost story. If I were him and people were saying my name all over the place, I would go out of my way to find them. And poke people. And be omnipresent. And scare people. >:3 But that’s just me.

It is not like there are that many, tbh.


how to catch a kirindave: go into ur bathroom, turn on the shower, turn off the lights and whisper kirindave 3 times. he will be unable to leave due to the water, and you will have yourself a genuine kirindave who will probably compliment your outfit and make you some tea.

I’m not showing up in some rando’s shower that’d be mad inappropriate and I’d go to jail.


i’ve never met kirindave and i probably never will but i trust him

What is a KirinDave anyways? I heard he’s stealing views from Toby or something. What an ass.


In the past few days, I have learned something:
Utter the word ‘KirinDave’ in the dead of night, alone in the middle of the forest, on the other side of Tumblr, and he shall find you.

Spooky ghost noises.


I wonder if KirinDave would be ok with his character appearing in later chapters of SoI:R…

I have told you all over and over: go nuts. I don’t mind and I think fan work is good fun.

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Sam Pepper’s youtube channel got suspended?

… Not bad, Google. Listening to your own TOS. Next up you might actually give a crap about death threats to women.




my brother is yelling because my dad didnt turn on big bang theory

help me

Your dad sounds like a good person.

no no, my dad turned it on. they’re watching it right now, he just switched to the wrong channel. luckily i have headphones

That show is offensive to basically everyone. You can be a cishet bronerd and still find it to be bullshit.

Aside, that Wheaton shows up on it is a big black mark against him in my book. I know a guy’s gotta eat but…


my brother is yelling because my dad didnt turn on big bang theory

help me

Your dad sounds like a good person.